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  1. Aftermarket Crowd
    Okay, crazy idea from Dr. Frankenstein here, but humor me. I was discussing the idea of dual turbocharging a 2011 6mt CRZ with my drag-racing mechanic and he dropped a kernel of wisdom: apparently both kei cars and Evo turbos are relatively easy to fab-fit to Honda 1.5L? If so, would there be...
  2. Aftermarket Crowd
    So, I'm looking into a Turbocharger for my 2011 Honda CR-Z? What is the best Turbocharger for my CRZ? I really like turbochargers that have very satisfying whistles that can be heard outside the engine & while I'm in the car. So, open to different brands? What can you guys recommend. I...
  3. Aftermarket Crowd
    I know the L15B7 (civic) and L15A7 (crz) aren't quite the same, but could you take the civic's turbo parts and put them on the CRZ? If so, what mods would we theoretically need? because I can see myself go to the scrapyard to grab a turbo kit in a couple years if we can make it work.
  4. Aftermarket Crowd
    ¡Hola everyone! Just a quick question, are aftermarket turbos for the CR-Z still available to buy? I've done a few searches online and haven't found much - if anything - that's still in production. Are there any other turbos that are compatible instead? (Probably such an amateur question)...
  5. Aftermarket Crowd
    I want to install a turbo on my Honda CR-Z 2011, can someone recommend me a kit please? Because I can’t find a kit at a good prize.
  6. Aftermarket Crowd
    Hi, One of my first posts here. I found few posts here about CVT transmissions, but non about 6MT. I know it's a little daft question to ask, but what CR-Z's transmission is capable of in terms of torque numbers? I've hear something that transmission doesn't like to go into 250+HP numbers. I'm...
  7. Aftermarket Crowd
    Ive already done my search and it seem by far the community's favourite is Sprintex Supercharger with 2426 Posts :oops: 106 posts...
  8. Classifieds Forum
    hi CRZ w/shops and owners. im willing to buy a CRZ/GE8 jazz turbo manifold. It doesn't have look like the picture examples. I need it to come to me simple and easy. Payment method: Paypal only. Location: Melbourne Australia.
1-8 of 8 Results