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  1. Wheels and Tires Discussion
    Planning on putting Enkei J10's on soon. 17x7.5 +38mm offset. Will these rub in the front? It is currently dropped about one inch from stock in the front. I don't want to get them if they will rub with the current height.
  2. Wheels and Tires Discussion
    I recently got a cracked rim on my 2011 CRZ. I'm looking for a replacement but the dealership I bought it from already had aftermarket wheels on it. This may be a shot in the dark but I'm looking to see if anyone might know the rim I need and where to buy it from. I believe it's 17" but not 100%...
  3. Aftermarket Crowd
    Alright, so. I wanna put some love into my car, but can't afford any manifold swaps, body kits or engine mods and whatnot. Eventually, hopefully, I'll get my hands on some of those, and some new tires lol. In the mean time, I figured I would spice the ride up and treat the car for allowing me to...
1-3 of 3 Results