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  1. Aftermarket Crowd
    King Motorsports started offloading some old inventory. Just recently they announced they had two unused, unpainted rear wings still left over. They are currently listed for sale at only $700 each plus shipping , which is less than what I paid for mine. If you're interested, hop to their website...
  2. Aftermarket Crowd
    Or at least a shop that ships to Australia for a reasonable price. Was hoping to find it on Buyee but no luck so far.
  3. General Discussion
    Is thier any aggressive spoilers for a 2011 Honda CRZ? Something that this CR-Z race car has? Been looking for one for the longest time!
  4. General Discussion
    Ideally I would love the jdp spoiler but its mad money to get one shipped to Ireland. Anyone have any experience?
1-4 of 4 Results