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  1. Aftermarket Crowd
    I want to change my nav radio to an android or carplay radio but I don't know if my subwoofer and my other speakers will still sound just as good and I also want the steering wheel controls to work with the aftermarker radio, I don't want to use a double din radio, I prefer the 10" or 11"...
  2. Do-It-Yourself Articles
    Hi everybody I want to know how you does map updates for your “first gen” ZF2? I ask because here in Germany the ZF2 was only one month available and we only got the SD Nav System as an accessory. The DVD system you got was here in the 9th gen civic available too but I think with a separate...
  3. Interior and ICE Discussion
    I know... Another infotainment thread... But it's 2022, and with all these updates on Android and Iphone and all this technology advancing I wanted to create a thread with some advance systems that you all recommend. It will be the first (besides tires) upgrade ill do to this beauty 2014...
  4. Interior and ICE Discussion
    Hi Lads, What is the best wireless apple car play stereo out there ? If you don't mind attach a image for reference please Thanks
  5. General Discussion
    Hi Folks ! Just curious to know where i could find this HDD storage for the Multimedia system in my Crz-2010 Japanese variant. It already has pre added songs on it before my purchase and still couldn't figure out where or how to access the HDD and add or remove songs from it! The model I...
1-5 of 5 Results