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  1. Aftermarket Crowd
    Just today DHL delivered the goods. At first it didn't look good. The box was in... rough shape to say the least. However, inspecting the goods proved that they were intact upon arrival. DHL is really expensive too so this is still a little frustrating. Normally the parts are boxed...
  2. Exterior Modifications
    In this thread I am going to discuss my findings for alternatives for the Mugen CR-Z Aero Illumination Kit on the ZF2 model. This is because I am gathering parts for my own vehicle and want to share it with those who might want to have the full Mugen flair for their build. Now, what is the Aero...
  3. Exterior Modifications
    Hi all, About to embark on something pretty special - full genuine Mugen ZF2 kit on my 2014 CR-Z in Energetic Yellow. Only problem is, Mugen make all the parts apart from the front LEDs - 33600-XLTB-K0S0, and the rear LED - 34400-XLTB-K0S0. Anyone have these or know of anyone I can buy them...
1-3 of 3 Results