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  1. Transmission Discussion
    I read a lot of posts of people on here stating the manual and CVT weren't that different in terms of enjoyment (obviously not in driver engagement). I never stopped looking for a manual CRZ and finally I found one at a dealer. It was near my job interview so I stopped by to take a look. It was...
  2. Classifieds Forum
    2012 Honda CR-Z EX with NAV, HPD Supercharged (Serial #30). This very unique, very quick, 6 speed manual version boasts 197hp and gets 38-40mpg when driven nice. Featuring a bunch of upgrades installed by Pirate Automotive and Bisimoto Engineering. 104k miles on odometer, it will easily PASS...
  3. For Sale CR-Z Partout

    Classifieds Forum
    Parting out a 2011 Manual 6-spd CR-Z. I own and drive one as my daily and hit a deer last year. Bought this one to fix the panels and front lights and now I'm parting it out to recoup. I was going to make individual posts... but that was too much. All the parts posted are in good working...
    $1 USD
  4. General Discussion
    UPDATE: as of today (2/Feb/2023) this no longer works. Was nice while it lasted. So i was looking at maintenance information on (where i usually keep my service history / get owners manual etc) and i noticed something interesting... If you go to Vehicle Info > Maintenance...
  5. General Discussion
    Hi guys, old member here, just lost my login details due to a outdated email. Since it's some time that people send me requests, you can find the shop manual here
1-5 of 5 Results