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  1. Classifieds Forum
    2012 Honda CR-Z EX with NAV, HPD Supercharged (Serial #30). This very unique, very quick, 6 speed manual version boasts 197hp and gets 38-40mpg when driven nice. Featuring a bunch of upgrades installed by Pirate Automotive and Bisimoto Engineering. 104k miles on odometer, it will easily PASS...
  2. For Sale CR-Z Partout

    Classifieds Forum
    Parting out a 2011 Manual 6-spd CR-Z. I own and drive one as my daily and hit a deer last year. Bought this one to fix the panels and front lights and now I'm parting it out to recoup. I was going to make individual posts... but that was too much. All the parts posted are in good working...
    $1 USD
  3. General Discussion
    So i was looking at maintenance information on (where i usually keep my service history / get owners manual etc) and i noticed something interesting... If you go to Vehicle Info > Maintenance Indicators, and click on your vehicle in the list below, and then click on "Maintenance...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi guys, old member here, just lost my login details due to a outdated email. Since it's some time that people send me requests, you can find the shop manual here
1-4 of 4 Results