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  1. Classifieds Forum
    Hello! Parting my k parts out. I have put about 1000 miles on these parts. I bought everything new, except for some parts. So been used for a few months and that’s it for swap. 08 Civic si ECU- Sold Used like new oem tsx exedy clutch. 1k miles on the clutch- $350 Civic si aem intake- SOLD 08...
  2. Aftermarket Crowd
    Hey, I don’t know if anyone knows here. But our cars originally had hill start. Anyone find a way to have VSA back on the car after a k swap? Or know the wiring or anything?
  3. CR-Z Build Threads
    Hello Everyone First off hello My Name is Mike. I believe I'm the first to ever do a K24z7 out of a 9th gen Si into a 2013 CRZ. I will post some pictures here soon. We are still getting the care all ironed out. I did post the build on my YouTube channel. It will be awesome if some of the...
  4. Aftermarket Crowd
    Hey guys, I currently have a k swap crz with a k24a2. I’m trying to upload a base map on hondata. But it says WEN cable is lose or engine is on. On Abdul’s post, I ran a wire from civic si ECU A plug 42 to the 13 on obd2. Is this correct because I cannot upload my base map at all. What did you...
  5. Aftermarket Crowd
    Hey guys, I am like trying to gather parts for a k swap. Months ago I was able to get parts for axles and hasport mounts for the crz to put a k24a2 in it. Since then I decided to look again on hasport. Unable to find it at all. Does anybody know where else I can get axles? What happened to...
  6. General Discussion
    Hey guys, Before we start; Yes I am fully aware of Niveks build (I've read it 100's of times haha, very informative) I know that to do a K swap, you are essentially amalgamating the CRZ chassis harness with an Si loom. However... I'm in the UK, and we didn't get an Si. We did get an FN2...
1-6 of 6 Results