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  1. General Discussion
    hi everyone! I first want to say I absolutely LOVE my '11 Cr-z! have owned for about almost 2 years now. anyways, my question is this: i cannot for the life of me figure out what the piece that is black plastic that appears to snap into itself on the inside and outside of windows (both but I...
  2. Aftermarket Crowd
    Just picked up a tegiwa 60mm RHD gauge pod cluster for my gauges on the dash that will or should fit into the sun glass compartment thing on the top of the dash but just wondering if I need to take out the entire compartment for instal or do I just need to take of the lid of the compartment for...
  3. Interior and ICE Discussion
    So I recently picked up a 11' 6mt North shore blue. It's got 160k miles and is in decent shape, but rough around the edges. I've put new shocks on the rear and I need a new caliper on the driver side rear. I've got stone chips to repair. I detailed the interior and engine bay. The previous owner...
  4. CR-Z Build Threads
    It's been a few months looking for seats that would fit. I want to replace the passenger seat with a seat that folds forward to be flat like some suvs have so I can lay down fully across the cargo to the front. It sounds crazy but I love the concept of using my crz as a road trip camper...
  5. Interior and ICE Discussion
    Heyy everyone, Can anyone share a link for car seat covers? I'm having a hard time finding a decent set of seat cover. I have a 2014 crz ex:) also what kind of seat covers do you guys have? What do you reccomend ?? Thanks! :giggle:
  6. Interior and ICE Discussion
    Ordered them from the dealer about a week and a half ago. They finally arrived! They’ll get put in during the dry months when I can afford the next Mugen seat and they’ll match perfectly! However, these were the LAST SET in the entire country which came from a California warehouse. So these are...
  7. Interior and ICE Discussion
    Hi all. Had my 'Z since november 2018. I'm loving the heated leather and the sunroof, but i'm agitated that the white leather seats and trim are in contrast to the black bodywork of the car. How do i go about sourcing the interior of say a 2014 model, which has an all black trim. Thanks in advance!
  8. Do-It-Yourself Articles
    Alright, so I was curious. I've been looking at the cup holder plastic housing, where the heated seat switches would be if I had a 2016. I'm thinking I get aftermarket heating elements and instead of using their provided switch I install an OEM 2016 panel with switches. Not 100% sure if they're...
  9. Interior and ICE Discussion
    I'm wondering if there is a way to open the doors and only have the rear lights turn on? (where the seatbelts would be located) Is there a simple rewiring technique or bypass clip you can clap on somewhere to achieve this? Has anyone ever tried..??
1-9 of 9 Results