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  1. Ima

    Engine and Battery Discussion
    Hello i have a crz 2011 i have it 7 months now i notice 1 day the week i drive the car every day the indicator bar was empty very fast to zero and it starting ti charge the battery then about 2 minutes the bar is full again this happened the last 3 months then one day do the same and ima light...
  2. Engine and Battery Discussion
    Got in the car last night, gave me a check IMA system notification. Soon after, noticed its not stopping when I brake to full stop anymore, equally noticed a bit of a hiccup at times when I was on an incline or performing a rolling stop. Lol, thats when He was healthy. So nothing sticking out...
  3. Engine and Battery Discussion
    This unfortunate event is happing more and more often, My charging bar is bouncing all over from full then dumps to 1 bar and the car loses power and I will need to pull and restart the car. I usually have full bars but as of late it's been more sitting at 4-6 bars. The 2011 EX model has 284...
1-3 of 3 Results