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  1. Aftermarket Crowd
    So, I know the IMA is a pretty hearty generator that provides all the needed electrical for a stock CR-Z. However, in light of the HPD supercharger kit I was considering a Duryea electric supercharger instead to add power without the parasitic load. I'm thinking maybe a yellow top battery might...
  2. Engine and Battery Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2011 CRZ that recently has an issue with the IMA light/battery light flashing on the dash. Honda did a diagnostic workup and it was just one of the IMA fuses (IMA 2 fuse). Honda replaced the fuse, cleared the code and all was well for 6 weeks until the lights all flashed on again...
  3. Engine and Battery Discussion
    Hey all, So I bought the car maybe a month ago. It hasn't been driven much last year from what ive seen. Anyways, I drove it fine for the first few weeks. Then after a long 1 hour trip, the IMA & 12v popped up on the dash for the first time ever. So I took the journey back with audio turned off...
1-3 of 3 Results