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  1. Aftermarket Crowd
    Hello, I was looking to buy the HKS LA Type Single Plate Clutch Disk (SKU: 26999-AH002) but I am not sure if I can buy it alone, and it can go into the normal clutch, or if it's part of the HKS clutch LA kit. Anyone had experience on buying this one, and installing it? Also there's a promo...
  2. Engine and Battery Discussion
    Hello guys Looking for head gasket for my supercharger car HKS recently discontinued its lineup for our Honda and the head gasket is not available any longer 23009-AH002 Many shops still list it as for sale, but most of the don't have is in stock and after speaking to HKS they refund order...
  3. CR-Z Build Threads
    EDIT: Due to high traffic and interest on my build, those who would like to see more frequent updates can now follow me on my Instagram page @SkittyDoogle Originally I thought no one cared for this build, but the traffic here has been overwhelmingly positive and people local to me have loved it...
1-3 of 3 Results