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  1. Classifieds Forum
    2013 #29 HPD Honda CR-Z · Hatchback · Driven 56,000 miles 2013 Honda CR-Z #029 HPD supercharged HPD exhaust and diffuser Spoonsports CR93 Wheels 17x7 Cusco front and rear sway bars Koni struts Tanabe lowering springs S2000 front brakes EBC brake pads OEM wheels have brand new Falken Tires...
    $16,000 USD
  2. Aftermarket Crowd
    I noticed a few posts on here saying that the exhaust doesn’t fit on US models. Can anyone confirm if this is still true or not? Looking to get a centered exhaust and the tegiwa test pipe for my 2011 EX...
  3. General Discussion
    I wanna do the pops and bangs with paddle shifters of my CVT but not sure how to do it “correctly” or make it sounds cool. New to this stuff and I have a burble tune but wanna more pops with the shifters. Any ideas? edit: I have a cold air intake and muffler delete
  4. Exterior Modifications
    Hi, I am looking at picking up a Spoon N1 in the UK but, I am very new to the modded car scene and was just wnderng if I could ask how this specific axel back works? Is it simply a job of removing the OEM muffler and exhuast and then the Spoon N1 just takes its place there? or is it more...
  5. Aftermarket Crowd
    My CR-Z (JDM import) came with this exhaust from a previous owner. I've searched the forums for it and couldn't find a mention, so I figured it's worth a post for posterity's sake. It's a twin tip catback from Ganador (they also did wing mirrors for the CR-Z). I think it's awesome, doesn't sound...
  6. General Discussion
    Hey! Quick question, back story below if needed. My rear heat shield that normally goes over the muffler/silencer is hanging on for dear life. What's the name of the part please? Can anyone link me to it or a place to buy it (preferably the UK)? I've tried googling crz rear heat shield, crz...
  7. General Discussion
    Anyone got a j2 exhaust for sale?
  8. CR-Z Build Threads
    Hi guys, i want to change the muffler to improve the sound but i dont wont to get worse the performance, i have read about and some people say 2,5" is too big and makes you lose pressure, but is hard to find smaller mufflers, what do you think about? Have you installed something? Thx ! 🍕🍕
  9. Classifieds Forum
    Hello All! I have 3 things from my stock exhaust for sale from my 2012 CRZ. They're rusty, but they all work. 1. Muffler 2. Midpipe (not pictured) 3. 2nd Catalytic converter Let me know what you'd be willing to pay + shipping. I'm in Canada, so keep that in mind :) I'll be fair, I won't short...
    $0 USD
  10. Classifieds Forum
    Non resonated catback exhaust made by Piper exhausts. Sounds very nice without being droney. Very good condition and will polish up nicely. £190 shipped to mainland UK.
    £190 GBP
  11. Honda CR-Z Owners Forum
    Will replacing the muffler with an exhaust hurt the fuel average?
1-11 of 11 Results