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  1. Engine and Battery Discussion
    Good day members! Specifically @PeterPerkins! (According to the Z Facebook group, you're the man!) I'm considering buying this car. It is a non-runner currently, as the ECU was water damaged by a pressure washer. Current owner can't source an ECU locally (South Africa) within their budget and I...
  2. Engine and Battery Discussion This is the engine noise and shake as well as the exhaust noises. I also have a check emission light. I also have a check vsa and hill start. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Engine and Battery Discussion
    ¡Hola everyone! First things first, I don't yet have a CR-Z, but I'm just curious as to whether it would be possible to upgrade the brushless DC motor in the IMA engine? Let's ignore the availability of compatible motors for now, since a custom one wouldn't be too hard to produce. If it is...
  4. General Discussion
    Looking at a 90,000 mile 2012 CR-Z, the battery indicator stayed at 6 out of 8 for a 20 minute drive and the ICE only stops when in stationary. Just double checking this is normal before buying the car, anything helps, thanks!
  5. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, figured I would ask for some advice on here about rebuilding the motor and how difficult/ time consuming it would be as well as any suggestions for a few performance upgrades. I'm definitely not looking to do an engine swap or anything like that, since she'll still be my daily...
  6. Engine and Battery Discussion
    I currently own a 2013 ex model that is in need of a new engine. I was able to find a 2015 motor for a very nice price. The only thing is it was on an automatic and mine is manual. Are there any major differences I need to be concerned about? I assume I would just be about to transition my...
  7. Aftermarket Crowd
    Just wondering if anyone knows which intake kits would fit a CVT model. so far I’ve only seen the Takeda Stage 2 Pro specifically say that it can fit the CVT.
  8. Engine and Battery Discussion
    So, recently my 2012 crz had sparkplug shoot up from the engine in cylinder 3 and ruined the threads and the ignition coil along with it. So, in the process to have the head replaced. I have a extra engine for the car that I bought with a honda fit intake manifold and a extra battery for $500...
1-8 of 8 Results