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  1. Aftermarket Crowd
    Hallo forum, I finally got the GE8 / RB1 manifold in order to tune again the intake side of my CR-Z. (I recently placed a more sporty air filter into the box). So I book a day to the local Dyno mechanic (which is Carburatori Bergamo) in order to install the part, and performa a check...
  2. General Discussion
    Results are on a Dynojet with temps around 84-85 degrees with around 55% humidity. Elevation - 102' (Boosting around 6PSI) 2011 Honda CRZ Ex 6MT - Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit, SpoonSports/GE8 Camshaft Kit, Weapon-R Header/Downpipe, HKS Silent Hi-Power Catback Exhaust, 270cc Injectors, 255lp...
1-2 of 2 Results