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  1. Engine and Battery Discussion
    Hi folks, ☮💙 from Florida! I love my 2013 Cr-Z base and it's had no previous issues except a 12v battery replaced by the previous owner. I purchased it with 56k miles, 4yrs ago and have maintained it well mechanicaly with regular oil changes and scheduled services. Now with 130k miles the ima...
  2. Classifieds Forum
    2013 #29 HPD Honda CR-Z · Hatchback · Driven 56,000 miles 2013 Honda CR-Z #029 HPD supercharged HPD exhaust and diffuser Spoonsports CR93 Wheels 17x7 Cusco front and rear sway bars Koni struts Tanabe lowering springs S2000 front brakes EBC brake pads OEM wheels have brand new Falken Tires...
    $16,000 USD
  3. Pictures & Videos
    Found on an old phone. Back when my 2011 was stock.
  4. Aftermarket Crowd
    Or at least a shop that ships to Australia for a reasonable price. Was hoping to find it on Buyee but no luck so far.
  5. General Discussion
    Idk if this has been discussed yet, but I just want to put out there that we need to petition Honda into making a new beloved CR-Z. With the improvements of hybrid/EV technologies since 2011-2016 they should be able to make a better version that appeals more to compete with the veloster, 86, brz...
  6. Classifieds Forum
    2012 Honda CR-Z EX with NAV, HPD Supercharged (Serial #30). This very unique, very quick, 6 speed manual version boasts 197hp and gets 38-40mpg when driven nice. Featuring a bunch of upgrades installed by Pirate Automotive and Bisimoto Engineering. 104k miles on odometer, it will easily PASS...
  7. Classifieds Forum
    BSED IN THE UK Honda CR-Z Sport Black 2010 (60 Plate) 1.5L Hybrid (self charges)/petrol 3 door ULEZ APPROVED £20 tax per year Self charges when driving so no need to charge the battery, just fill up with petrol when needed. Has three settings, SPORT, NORMAL and ECO. Leather steering wheel/gear...
    £5,000 GBP
  8. Aftermarket Crowd
    Howdy everyone I’ve recently bought a 2012 CRZ EX HPD and I have a question regarding the current clutch it has. (For context, regarding power this CRZ has the HPD SC kit and HPD LSD). Any insight would be much appreciated!
  9. General Discussion
    Ok. So when I got my CRZ in 2011 it had stock halogen bulbs. Soon after I got a HID kit (ice blue) and they burned perfect. So they were on for several years and I had to get a new set, because I learned that ballast have a life span too. I had those in for a few years … and so I bought...
  10. Exterior Modifications
    I'd like to be more frequent on this forum. I don't post much but I do read a ton of the articles on here. I figured I'd show the forum this before anyone else I've recently installed some Tesla model 3 aero wheels on my crz. I think they look good. What's everyone else's opinion? Also is there...
  11. For Sale CR-Z Partout

    Classifieds Forum
    Parting out a 2011 Manual 6-spd CR-Z. I own and drive one as my daily and hit a deer last year. Bought this one to fix the panels and front lights and now I'm parting it out to recoup. I was going to make individual posts... but that was too much. All the parts posted are in good working...
    $1 USD
  12. New Member Introduction
    Hallo! Finally I purchased my new old CR-Z i-pilot, it's a white model with 149.000 km. Hopefully is in great external shape and even the interior are good. Not 100% sure it's that excellent under the hood but the car feels solid aparte the handles ;-) I plan to do some experiments around the...
  13. Classifieds Forum
    I have a used Bayson R ful lip kit for sale. Side skirts are color matched “Pearl White” but front and rear lip is not painted. Comes with additional LED lights in front lip, third brake light and reflectors for rear difusser, and additional side spitters for the side skirts. I’m moving back to...
    $600 USD
  14. Interior and ICE Discussion
    So I just recently purchased a Honda CRZ 2011 EX no Nav. I just purchased a Seicane radio for it as well. I opted for the one with no sub output as I have no plans on upgrading the sound system and I was reading around and saw that the factory Subwoofer for the Honda CRZ 2011 EX does not have...
  15. Engine and Battery Discussion This is the engine noise and shake as well as the exhaust noises. I also have a check emission light. I also have a check vsa and hill start. Anyone have any ideas?
  16. Honda CR-Z Owners Forum
    I live in california and cant pass smog because my catalytic converter went out. Does anyone know if I can use the magna flow oem style aftermarket cat or any other aftermarket cat to replace and pass smog? I'm struggling on funds right now and I really need to get my crz back on the road.. the...
  17. General Discussion
    Looking at a 90,000 mile 2012 CR-Z, the battery indicator stayed at 6 out of 8 for a 20 minute drive and the ICE only stops when in stationary. Just double checking this is normal before buying the car, anything helps, thanks!
  18. Classifieds Forum
    Less than 600 miles on it. Clamps and even carb legal stick is in the bag with the bolts and nuts. Has instruction manual in there also. $250, buyer pays shipping. Location of sale is Iowa. Shipping is available. Contact me via PM and I will get back to you.
  19. Classifieds Forum
    Hello! Parting my k parts out. I have put about 1000 miles on these parts. I bought everything new, except for some parts. So been used for a few months and that’s it for swap. 08 Civic si ECU- Sold Used like new oem tsx exedy clutch. 1k miles on the clutch- $350 Civic si aem intake- SOLD 08...
  20. New Member Introduction
    Hello everyone :) Thought I'd join this great community. CRZ owner from the UK, browsed this forum a few times and am a member of a few of the UK CRZ. Hoping to find some great articles and advice (especially any that help with my turbo build). Here's my pride and joy, full mods list under...
1-20 of 32 Results