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    £2,700 GBP
  2. Engine and Battery Discussion
    Hi all, I heard rumors of CR-Z owners modifying their cars to replace the battery and electric motor with a new and more powerful module of their choosing. I heard that they have had to "hack" into the Honda Hybrid Computer system most of the time. Does anyone have the link to the community...
  3. New Member Introduction
    Hey there, I might be buying a white 2012 Honda CR-Z tomorrow. The car currently has gold rims. They're nice but white on gold has never been my thing - so I would love to see what you all have to get some ideas. I see rims I like all the time but always struggle to picture them on a particular...
  4. Honda CR-Z News, Rumours, and Updates
    Today after being stranded with the car, I got a P0303 code from the car and when I went to pull out the spark plug I saw this. Now I changed the spark plug and switched coils to see if the coils were also a issue and I can confirm it’s not the spark plugs. But the car still isn’t running right...
  5. General Discussion
    Hey all, I saw a post on here from a few years ago that went entirely unanswered, and oddly enough as I've been saving up for a potential engine swap to make my CR-Z unique and a little more powerful, I had the same question. How possible would a F20C engine swap be in this little hatchback of...
  6. General Discussion
    Hello, If anybody can help to understand how to regulate headlights low beam lights flow ? When I'm driving in late evening my low beams flow are very down and without high beams not comfortable to drive in the late evening. Because I'm new with this car I didn't notice any screw or something...
  7. New Member Introduction
    My Road to the CR-Z When General Motors took back my EV-1 only to crush it, I had to find a new daily driver. Two years in an EV had made me not want to go back to a gas guzzling ICE. I went looking for a Honda CRX HF and instead found a 2000 Honda Insight MT. I learned to hyper mile and I...
1-10 of 10 Results