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  1. Aftermarket Crowd
    Hello, I was looking to buy the HKS LA Type Single Plate Clutch Disk (SKU: 26999-AH002) but I am not sure if I can buy it alone, and it can go into the normal clutch, or if it's part of the HKS clutch LA kit. Anyone had experience on buying this one, and installing it? Also there's a promo...
  2. Classifieds Forum
    Up for sale is my used OEM clutch removed from my car after its upgrade to the now discontinued HKS LA clutch kit. The car had approximately 56k miles when it was taken out and it's still in good shape. No grooves, pitting or rust. Shipping cost is approximately $75 but can be picked up in or...
    $400 USD
  3. Aftermarket Crowd
    Howdy everyone I’ve recently bought a 2012 CRZ EX HPD and I have a question regarding the current clutch it has. (For context, regarding power this CRZ has the HPD SC kit and HPD LSD). Any insight would be much appreciated!
  4. Transmission Discussion
    I'm not expecting to receive the answer I want here, but I figured it's worth a try. I've taken the car to the dealer already, but this is ongoing and I don't have $500 to throw at them every visit. Looking into local shops as well, but that could be its own gamble. In the meantime, I'm hoping...
  5. Handling, Braking and Suspension Discussion
    Hi all! New member, had my CR-Z 2011 for 2 months and absolutely love it, about a month ago my clutch started being odd, it would have a spongey section that changed height every time I drove, the clutch has never slipped even on really steep hills, it also creaks when pressed now? Any ideas...
  6. Classifieds Forum
    Hello! Parting my k parts out. I have put about 1000 miles on these parts. I bought everything new, except for some parts. So been used for a few months and that’s it for swap. 08 Civic si ECU- Sold Used like new oem tsx exedy clutch. 1k miles on the clutch- $350 Civic si aem intake- SOLD 08...
  7. New Member Introduction
    Hi guys, I hope everyone is well I'm new to the CR Z family and I don't use any social media, so this is the only way I can find out about the community I'm UK based and have just purchased the Honda CR Z after months of looking for the right one - and I believe the previous owner was on this...
1-7 of 7 Results