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  1. Classifieds Forum
    Hello All! I have 3 things from my stock exhaust for sale from my 2012 CRZ. They're rusty, but they all work. 1. Muffler 2. Midpipe (not pictured) 3. 2nd Catalytic converter Let me know what you'd be willing to pay + shipping. I'm in Canada, so keep that in mind :) I'll be fair, I won't short...
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  2. Honda CR-Z Owners Forum
    I live in california and cant pass smog because my catalytic converter went out. Does anyone know if I can use the magna flow oem style aftermarket cat or any other aftermarket cat to replace and pass smog? I'm struggling on funds right now and I really need to get my crz back on the road.. the...
1-2 of 2 Results