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  1. CR-Z ECU Tuning/Flashpro
    If you spend thousands of dollars on a kit and want to do it right, don't PM people asking for their tunes they spent money on for FREE. If you don't know exactly what they even did you risk losing all of that investment because you wanted to save pennies. That's cheap and rude.
  2. CR-Z Build Threads
    Hey guys, so I recently got a 2011 CRZ and I'm looking at swapping the bumper to the 2016 one. I found this and was wondering what parts I need to get. I heard that the bumpers are interchangeable. So I was wondering if I had to buy everything on that list or only certain part. Thanks for the help.
  3. CR-Z Build Threads
    Howdy folks. Figured I'd start a build thread since I'm making some moves with my Z. Here she is the day I bought her. Decent condition with only 34k on the clock. Love at first test drive. First mod was tossing the stock radio and swapping in a Sony unit with Android Auto. Huuuge upgrade...
  4. CR-Z Build Threads
    Hello, long time lurker here, (read; 7 years) and have now been a member for 1 year, i figured id kick off my build thread to celebrate. I can still remember the day i first saw the CR-Z on honda's website, i was 13 at the time and just knew i had to have one. Fast forward to December 2018...
  5. Classifieds Forum
    RED car is the body kit BLUE car is to showcase the fenders
  6. General Discussion
    Hey guys, Im finally starting to take a shot at building my Z although I do have the CVT trans. Ive identified several items to start with but would like to know if anyone here has had any experience in real world driving with them to let me know if there is a better option or any downsides GE8...
1-6 of 6 Results