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  1. CR-Z Build Threads
    Figured I'd start one of these, mainly for my own documentation. As of current, not much is done to it. Not really sure where in taking the build as I jump back and forth between pretty, and faster. Takeda stage 2 intake I bought off a former member, an Illinium Flux shift knob and matching...
  2. General Discussion
    Long story short...145,000 m 2011 unfinished primer black Honda CR-Z, well actually 144,000...before me lol I guess you can see what I’ve been doing, anyways I’m still alittle; as my mother would say, “wet behind the ears.” Im barely getting past the car shutting off all the time when I’m...
  3. CR-Z Build Threads
    Howdy folks. Figured I'd start a build thread since I'm making some moves with my Z. Here she is the day I bought her. Decent condition with only 34k on the clock. Love at first test drive. First mod was tossing the stock radio and swapping in a Sony unit with Android Auto. Huuuge upgrade...
1-3 of 3 Results