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  1. Handling, Braking and Suspension Discussion
    Hi all, my cvt CR-Z has very "talkative" brakes. I have new front rotors, resurfaced rear rotors and new pads all round. Recently I purchased a brake repair kit and paid someone to fix all 4 calipers. Also replaced the brake fluids. However the sound is still present. Vid 1...
  2. Handling, Braking and Suspension Discussion
    DISCLAIMER!: As I researched before posting this product is unfortunately discontinued. A while back I ordered these cooling panels from Japan, produced by a company called “Maroya” who makes various accessories for Japanese vehicles and even some American trucks for some reason. Regardless...
  3. Aftermarket Crowd
    Hi All, It’s been ages since I went to this forum. My apologies for not logging in as often as I should. I’ve searched high and low and even went to honda for information on what type of brake pads will fit the HPD BBK. So far all my search = 0 answers on what I need. Does anyone have a model...
1-3 of 3 Results