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  1. General Discussion
    Hi, my front grill is broken (not repairable) and I am looking to buy a replacement. Car is a 2011 EX, no front plate since I'm in Quebec, but I cannot seem to find one under 300USD, which sucks since this is not a very expensive car. I am wondering is anyone knows where to buy one for less...
  2. Factory Specifications
    As the title says, can it?
  3. Aftermarket Crowd
    Just today DHL delivered the goods. At first it didn't look good. The box was in... rough shape to say the least. However, inspecting the goods proved that they were intact upon arrival. DHL is really expensive too so this is still a little frustrating. Normally the parts are boxed...
  4. Classifieds Forum
    Hey everyone. I'm looking for an HPD rear diffuser. If you have one you're willing to sell, please get in touch!
1-4 of 4 Results