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  1. Aftermarket Crowd
    I want to change my nav radio to an android or carplay radio but I don't know if my subwoofer and my other speakers will still sound just as good and I also want the steering wheel controls to work with the aftermarker radio, I don't want to use a double din radio, I prefer the 10" or 11"...
  2. Aftermarket Crowd
    Okay, crazy idea from Dr. Frankenstein here, but humor me. I was discussing the idea of dual turbocharging a 2011 6mt CRZ with my drag-racing mechanic and he dropped a kernel of wisdom: apparently both kei cars and Evo turbos are relatively easy to fab-fit to Honda 1.5L? If so, would there be...
  3. Aftermarket Crowd
    Are there any after market headlight casings?? I have the 2011 ex and I want better looking ones
  4. Interior and ICE Discussion
    So I just recently purchased a Honda CRZ 2011 EX no Nav. I just purchased a Seicane radio for it as well. I opted for the one with no sub output as I have no plans on upgrading the sound system and I was reading around and saw that the factory Subwoofer for the Honda CRZ 2011 EX does not have...
  5. Aftermarket Crowd
    Just wondering if anyone knows which intake kits would fit a CVT model. so far I’ve only seen the Takeda Stage 2 Pro specifically say that it can fit the CVT.
  6. Aftermarket Crowd
    I was looking into aftermarket seats but came across the airbag issue, is there a set way around it or am I better off getting a cover? Does anyone know of good covers made specifically for the Z?
  7. Interior and ICE Discussion
    Hey guys, I’ve finally decided to upgrade the factory navigation system on my 2011 Honda CR-Z for a brand new Kenwood DDX9905s. The installation was going smoothly until it was time to start wiring. Since I wanted to keep the steering wheel controls as well as the Bluetooth controls working I...
1-7 of 7 Results