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General Information

CR-Z (ZF2)
North Shore Blue Pearl
UPDATE 05/18/2016 Sorry for the lack of pictures! I am hoping to get pics taken of all my mods once I am actually finished. (I am somewhat self-conscious of the car being an unfinished product) I didn't realize til just now how un-updated all this was... I have many works in progress, but it is all coming together.. Will try and update as soon as I can! :)
2013 Honda CR-Z (ZF2) (North Shore Blue Pearl)


Low-tone Sport Horn replacement
Painted Engine Cover

In Progress:

Turbo or Supercharger Kit

**MAYBE** Hondata E-Tuning
Replaced dome and cargo with white LED
All other bulbs replaced with blue LED
Footwell LED
Rocker switch in dash (for front grill spot lights)
chameleon wrap on steering wheel logo
T5i Factory Style Flush Mount Rear Spoiler
Vortex Generator Shark Fin Roof Spoiler
L-Shaped DRL's
LED DRL Conversion
LED Parking Light/Turn Signal Conversion (6000k running, amber when signals/hazards are flashing)
Low Beam 6000k HID Conversion
Front/ Rear Splash Guards
Front EZ Lip
LED turn signal arrows in side mirrors
Kawell LED Spot lights mounted below re-bar behind grill
Front license plate mount taken off
Rexxstyling-esque eyelids on headlights
Debadged hybrid logo
Painted emblems black
Mugen-style window visors

In progress:
External Taillight/Bumper Reflector (iJDMtoy)
HKS High Power exhaust
mugen side skirts
Mugen rear spoiler
UPDATE: Chrome stuff taken off, I got tired of it (or did I just come to my senses and realize it was tacky?). Currently in contact with a company called LED-rwr to get a projector housing retrofitted to get rid of the reflector housing for the DRL's (can finally get some HID's in there, too) Will also be getting an Audi-style led strip (or more like the EX) installed inside headlight assembly and possibly getting the housing painted black or dark gray
Chameleon wrap on little chrome piece above grill. Complete chrome delete is the goal!!
Metra Double DIN Kit for 2011-up models, Eonon G2104U Double DIN Unit with Nav

**Looking at replacing unit with a Pioneer

Purchased a 12" Kenwood sub but have no clue when it will be getting put in
Wheel and Tire
Blue Lugs
Green Painted Calipers

In Progress:

Powdercoat black rims
Replacing center caps with OEM black and chrome caps found on 2014+ models
Calipers or going back to gold
Gold lugs
Will eventually be getting second set of wheels and tires



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