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CR-Z 2011 - November first registered
GT-Nav 6 speed Manual Transmission
Bought from new as a daily commuting car with modification in mind from the outset. I didn't expect to get this far so quickly, but with inspiration & the expertise TDI (Torque Developments International) have, founded on many years working collaboratively within the motor industry in track, fast road & the development sectors of this speciality, working closely with them drawing on their considerable technical knowledge base, a race bred sports car has been born.

I have now done 86,000 miles, mainly on a hundred mile daily commute plus regular long distance trips to our HQ over 175 miles away, so have gone well past the dealer's warranty & into unchartered territory for the CR-Z. Not bad for three & a half years of ownership. MPG isn't such a big consideration for me but, when driven conservatively I can get 46 to 50 MPG (averaged over a tank of high octane Shell Nitro V-Power), but with fast road country lane use this can drop to 40 to 42 MPG; on track it is a whole different picture: perhaps 30 to 33 MPG, but then MPG isn't the goal on those days, it's the lightning acceleration & cornering g-forces I am more keen to explore - much the same as my driving style out in the British countryside when I can find a clear stretch of road free of potholes, other traffic & plod!

Just a quick note for those of you who had a choice on transmission - the CVT was not available in UK, but then, in my opinion, the MT is a natural choice for a sports coupe.

I can drive both auto & stick cars but find you can beat the perforamce & thrill of deciding when to shift yourself; sure a computer should be able to do it way better, but that's not for me.

I'll add more pictures when I can, but please forgive me if some are of a dirty car - black doesn't stay clean looking for long!

There are also some pictures of my other ride: a Landrover Defender 90 station wagon with 300 tdi engine, so you'll see I enjoy driving at 12 mph as much as 112 mph!
2015 Honda CR-Z 2011 - November first registered (Black)


Mugen developed Katana (TDI's licenced brand of) supercharger, Wavetrac LSD, enlarged plenum, Hondata mapping, Mugen full exhaust CAT back. Recently had fitted the HKS Light Action clutch system - makes all the difference in uploading the supercharger's power & torque to the wheels - came complete with new lighter weight flywheel too.
Cobra Sidewinder sports seats in black spacer fabric with cold Cobra lettering, supplied & fitted by GSM.
TDI have solved issues with a THE flow malfunction via reprogramming parameters through Hondata, as well as adjusting the throttle map to mitigate the flat spot encountered when pulling away from a standstill.
Factory fitted sports grille & tail gate spoiler. Within two months of ownership I started down the mods route with a TDI fitted Mugen 5-way adjustable suspension. I am not much into cosmetic treatments; mods need to be mainly functional, though I do like some of the Mugen additions, so perhaps a rear wrong in the future.
Photos to follow (not on this device).
OEM fitted sat nav, possibly may get better speakers fitted in the future, as all mods to date have been performance orientated.
Wheel and Tire
Spoon Monobloc front calipers, Dixcell discs & pads all round (OEM rear calipers), GEL brake lines, Team Dynamics Pro-Race 1.2 18 x8 alloys, Continental Sport Contact 5 R18 225/35 tyres,



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