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crystal black
Bought the car for a reasonable price young girl had it for her first car ,didnt really know much about the crz was pretty spur of the moment private buy saw it on gumtree called went to see it and instantly likedthe way it looked and drove so bought it there n then .
2011 Honda sport (crystal black)


standard as far as i know but i can never get near hondas mpg figures best i can get is 40mpg average so maybe there are any unknown mods i dont know about
once i got it home did a bit of research and found out it had a full mugen bodykit ,mugen gp wheels which were a bit worse fir wear after doing 70k so refurbished them in gold along with the bodykit it also left the showroom with mugen suspension all round , mugen alloy gearknob ,mugen short throw gearshift kit i called mugen uk suppliers hendy motorsport who confirmed all this was fitted before the car left the showroom new and to hold on to it as only 20 or so left the showroom in this spec and including the wheels etc its got 8 grands worth of extras fitted so i got a bit of a bargain ,its the car that makes me look back as i walk away and lock it and then again as i just love the look of the car and its sublime handling its far from fast ,my supra would have destroyed it but the z does the same and puts a bigger smile on my face every time amazing fun and much more likely to keep my licence i love it and wish id paid more attention to these years ago and id have been hooked on them then i had a 56 plate premier ep3 type r and this is closest fun car which can be run on a budget ,i think maybe a turbo or type r engine to push the handling a b it and keep the fun factor alive!! what happens happens ill just wait n see what i fancy in the future .
standard sub etc
Wheel and Tire
17" mugen forged gp alloys originally anodised but were all chipped and so dull as someone had sprayed the face o the wheels in a satin clearcoat an it looked shi$% so i got them powder coated subaru gold which transformed the whole car into exactly what i wanted :-)



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