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  1. Sihull's Build Thread

    CR-Z Build Threads
    As a moderator for the UK CR-Z owners club we began organizing some good days out for the club. One of the events we did was a dyno day. My car made a modest 124 bhp on the rollers. Not bad for a stock engine (I hadn't made any changes to the map with the flashpro.) It was fun to see...
  2. Sihull's Build Thread

    CR-Z Build Threads
    As happy as I was with the Spoon wheels the rear still didn't look quite right. After talking to other UK owners I splashed out on a set of 20mm Tegiwa hubcentric spacers. Excuse the dirty wheel pic. It rains all the time in England and my car is driven every day. Around this time I...
  3. Sihull's Build Thread

    CR-Z Build Threads
    After splashing out on all the Spoon stuff I proceeded to get it all fitted over the next couple of weeks.
  4. Sihull's Build Thread

    CR-Z Build Threads
    Spoon Parts and Mimms Honda Day 2014 So after being happy with the way the car looked for a while I decided I wanted to make a few more changes. At the time Burn Motorsport (Spoon's European distributor) were doing group buy discounts on a lot of the spoon product range. My Shopping! I...
  5. Sihull's Build Thread

    CR-Z Build Threads
    So my build thread hasn't been updated since March last year. It is safe to say I have made many changes since then. I Will upload some pictures to my Photobucket account and then try and post a juicy update!
  6. Why no turbo love

    General Discussion
    Does HKS still support the supercharger in the UK or Japanese market? I was thinking of going down that route.
  7. Baston car & bike show 2014

    My wheels never look as good in pictures. Sent from Free App
  8. Hello from England!

    New Member Introduction
    Welcome to the forum! Sent from Free App
  9. Baston car & bike show 2014

    It was a good day out. There was a lot to see at the show. A great mix of cars. I think R40NGO did a great job of talking to interested parties about our cars. I can't wait to see some of the gopro footage and pictures! Sent from Free App
  10. UK members - BEAULIEU simply Japanese car show 3rd August 2014

    I will check the dates and let you know. I haven't been down to the south coast for years! Sent from Free App
  11. Uk group buys

    I think we are gonna struggle for even 5 people here... 1. r40ngo 2. Sihull 3. Sent from Free App
  12. Greg's Bagged CR-Z Build_UK

    CR-Z Build Threads
    Those pictures just look mad! Any more styling changes to come? Sent from Free App
  13. Uk group buys

    Lol I would be interested in doing some group buys if we can get it together. Sent from Free App
  14. Baston car & bike show 2014

    I'm looking forward to this now! I'm going to bring along a friend who is into his classic cars. He suggested we should look out for the Kimbolton show too. Sent from Free App
  15. Post Pictures Of Your Latest Purchase!

    Off Topic Lounge
    Much to my friends disappointment. Sent from Free App
  16. Uk NOW OWN A BANNER!!!!!

    That looks quality. How does it stake to the ground? Sent from Free App
  17. Hello and Thank you

    New Member Introduction
    Welcome to the fold! I see you choose the best colour too! Sent from Free App
  18. Mugen parts

    Aftermarket Crowd
    When you order the mugen wing it comes with upgraded struts for the boot. I guess you have had these from the factory too. Sent from Free App
  19. Sihull's Build Thread

    CR-Z Build Threads
    I would give CPL racing a look. That sounds like a over the top price. Sent from Free App
  20. Sihull's Build Thread

    CR-Z Build Threads
    Yours is still quicker than mine! Sent from Free App
1-20 of 190 Results