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  1. AeroFlow V2 Splitter SOLD

    Classifieds Forum
    Pm’d You now
  2. PLC - My 2016 Jet Black Build Thread w/photos Now

    CR-Z Build Threads
    PLC, Thanks man! I love the look reminds me of the Volk TE37 but at the fraction of the price 😉 No spacers!? I see that they are at a 42 offset, do you have any pictures of tire and wheel flush near the wheel well? Appreciate the info man this is the look I was aiming for
  3. PLC - My 2016 Jet Black Build Thread w/photos Now

    CR-Z Build Threads
    Shot in the dark, but if you don’t mind sharing tire and wheel specifications? Besides what’s listed above. Thank you
  4. For Sale OEM Brake Pads - 33,000 Miles

    Classifieds Forum
    Curious what kind of pads did you decide with? GLWS
  5. Tanabe Nf210 springs

    Handling, Braking and Suspension Discussion
    Unfortunately I don’t have much knowledge about tanabe, but I hear and know people who used companies like Eibach/swift springs and swear by it. Both companies are tried and true and have plenty of heritage to back up their products. But, I can’t help but agree with Litz on the coilovers. You...
  6. Insurance for the Z

    General Discussion
    I pay 93 dollars here in San Diego, CA with full coverage and 500 dollar deductible. With only my Z. my insurance is Wawanesa a Canadian brand insurance company lol nice!
  7. Carbon fiber look vinyl

    General Discussion
    Sorry, for hi jacking, Litz, which CF vinyl were you using? Did it damage your paint? Is the quality good? Thanks for answering.
  8. For Sale Clearing out some items

    Classifieds Forum
    Check your inbox.
  9. JDM emblems

    Exterior Modifications
    Nice! What radio setup are you planning on installing? Make sure to take before/after shots of the emblems and the radio!!😎
  10. Looking to buy a CRZ wondering if this wheel setup works.

    Wheels and Tires Discussion
    Vince, You should be just fine with that setup, ive seen more aggressive setups than that. one of our members here named Koala Yummies did a fantastic write up of wheels and tires. Search for Definitive crz tires list and make sure to read that well
  11. JDM emblems

    Exterior Modifications
    Correct me if I'm wrong but, Honda red emblems were sadly never made for this particular vehicle. The closest fitment to our cars are the Civic Type R FD2 from the JDM/EDM markets and the Fit Gen8. Kamispeed has the genuine emblems listed on their site. Make sure to order both fronts, according...
  12. Hello! ''Tis I! The new guy

    New Member Introduction
    Welcome to the forums! Are you running the HPD wheels and a rexxstyling stealth spoiler? Looks great 👍
  13. Long shot request for someone in San Diego area with ’16 CRZ

    Honda CR-Z Owners Forum
    Ray, I agree with you on the whole money/function aspect but I guess, to each their own as the saying goes. Now, concerning your question unfortunately I don't have any form of documentation on the calipers positioning but usually Koala has the answers to the technicalities I would ask him. But...
  14. Long shot request for someone in San Diego area with ’16 CRZ

    Honda CR-Z Owners Forum
    Dang.... I would do this but I have a 2015..maybe you are in luck my father bought a 2016, I'll try to persuade him to let me use it. So all they really need is measurements? Shouldn't take very long.
  15. Davy's Car Blog

    CR-Z Build Threads
    Son of a...thanks Spdbump. And yes lol 😂 defiant
  16. What did you do to the 'Z today?

    General Discussion
    Just finished installing the progress sway bar 👍😎 and omg.....this thing is complete madness! It totally changed the characteristics of the Z. I was at complete stock suspension and after just adding a piece of metal...I'm completely dumbstruck. If anyone out their is still iffy to buy this...
  17. Davy's Car Blog

    CR-Z Build Threads
    I know it's been about three months but, is it possible to reupload all the pictures please?
  18. '16 Ivory Pearl/Ebony EX-L 6MT

    Pictures & Videos
    Man! That looks sweet I'm really torn on getting these or bronze 17 RPF1 😞. Ken what are the specs on the Michelin's? And are you running stock height? Any pictures or videos on the near future? I Love any input on these wheels to make a smart and happy purchase. Thanks
  19. rear anti roll bar

    Handling, Braking and Suspension Discussion
    Best place to buy is our sponsored vendor Kamispeed! These guys are very helpful check them out.
  20. Looking for a used CRZ

    General Discussion
    To add to Litz's comment please don't forget the airbag recall on 2011-2012 model years. I think 2013 through 2014 model year are also affected by the recall but definitely dont quote me on this one always double check. Thankfully my 2015 was unaffected. 👍😎I am happy to hear you're looking into...
1-20 of 135 Results