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  1. 2-Way Alarm System

    Do-It-Yourself Articles
    Thanks for the advises, yes i thought so that shops (even specialized ones) won't do a fine job. I'm pretty good into electronics so will take a look into this by myself. The main reason would be that i get a notification on a pager so the selection is quite limited on the systems since I don't...
  2. 2-Way Alarm System

    Do-It-Yourself Articles
    Recently some mentally challenged kids are vandalizing my car. Caught em' once so now they especially target the Z. Pathetic. Whole different story but due to this I decided to get an alarm upgrade. I wanted to know if someone has experience with 2-Way Alarm Systems, such as VIPER/DEI (5706V)...
  3. Showa suspension

    Handling, Braking and Suspension Discussion
    I got the 08W60-SZT-600 - also made by Showa but it's black and not red. Pretty happy with the handling performance compared to stock. Slightly less comfort. Drop is around 15mm
  4. zf2 grille > zf1

    Exterior Modifications
    hmm that's a pitty since they look quite the same i will need to get one from seeker then
  5. zf2 grille > zf1

    Exterior Modifications
    Does the ZF2 Mugen Grille (without LED) fit on the ZF1 Bumper? Like the style without the LED holes more Some idiot reversed into my car and I need a new one :wallbash:
  6. Honda Access Suspension Parts

    Handling, Braking and Suspension Discussion
    THANKS A LOT - I got everything I need now :-))))
  7. Honda Access Suspension Parts

    Handling, Braking and Suspension Discussion
    Hey Guys, recently I got my hands on some Showa/Honda Access Coils: 08W60-SZT-600 Got them used for roughly 300usd in a fair condition. Two things that I noticed, maybe someone can help me out. I need to know the part # for: a) Dust Cap (the platic on the very top - one is missing) b)...
  8. Under hood battery life expectancy

    Engine and Battery Discussion
    Hahhah same happened to me and I was looking for the manual hatch release. Nope we don't have this. I also have the cargo plastic in the back so i smashed this several times in my face while grabbing the cables out of the equipment area of the trunk. Quite annoying situation. I now have the...
  9. Under hood battery life expectancy

    Engine and Battery Discussion
    My battery is quite always below 12V in the winter - 11.9V - 11.7V Especially when I stop somewhere and leave the headlights on for several minutes. Already upgraded to a VARTA B31 45Ah 330A but 99% of my ways are within the city and no longer than 30minutes. The most annoying thing is that if...
  10. Bad wheel grinding noise

    Do-It-Yourself Articles
    same issue here - got that grinding noise even after completely servicing the caliper (driver rear) and making sure that they move properly adjusting the handbrake cables and venting the brake system eased the noise but I think I will need to swap my pads and rotor to get completely rid of it
  11. Hauptbatterie, Ersatzteile, modellspezifische Probleme, CR-Z Kauf

    Aftermarket Crowd
    In Deutschland / Österreich gibt es nur Sport und GT Modelle. Das GT Modell hat Xenon (mit Waschdüsen), Parksensoren hinten, beheizte Sitze und elektronisch einklappbare Spiegel - Ersatzreifen bei beiden Modellen nicht dabei, jedoch ein Pannenset mit Kompressor. Fahrzeuge die stets bei Honda...
  12. Everything you need to know about Red "H" JDM Honda Type R Badges

    Do-It-Yourself Articles
    Thanks for the post - helped me a lot to decide 75700-S5T-E01 looks like this on the rear
  13. Auto Dip mirror when reverse gear selected

    Interior and ICE Discussion
    did you get the 08V08-SZT-000? Also very interested to install this soon. Any pictures of the wiring/pins and module you can post? Thanks!
  14. DIY: Power Folding Mirrors

    Do-It-Yourself Articles
    Thanks for this awesome post. Just a quick add from my side. If you plan to install the module to a EDM car, that's no problem and works 100% PNP. Also if you purchase this in Japan freshly right now you might get a slightly different cable than in this post, but the labeling will be correct...
  15. DIY - LED Rear Diffuser Lights (iJDM TOY)

    Do-It-Yourself Articles
    the lens/glass is only white. I got mine from aliexpress for 12USD incl. shipping. They offer as lens color white/red/black It has three different modes: - white reverse light (great for reverse camera at night) - red "normal" light - red brighter brake light not sure how the law situation in...