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  1. What did you do to the 'Z today?

    General Discussion
    Took it in for the annual 'top coat' application for my ceramic coating. It is one slick car today.
  2. Ceramic Coating or PPF

    General Discussion
    I had mine ceramic coated...$500...I like it. A lot easier to keep clean.
  3. What did you do to the 'Z today?

    General Discussion
    Took a ride, and the 'low tire' light came on...went home and checked them...all checked out the same pressure and not low Had to get the manual out to see how to reset the dman alert.
  4. Dim cluster

    General Discussion
    Had my '16 out in the rain this morning and had the lights on. This afternoon when I was out it looked like the instrument cluster was quite a bit dimmer than it had been. I checked and the brightness was turned all the way up. At one point it looked like they got brighter a bit but then got...
  5. Planning on the Gap this year?

    General Discussion
    Planning on going to the Gap this year? I just saw on another site that the Tuskegee motel is closed and they can't find the reservation list to inform people. If you were planning to stay there, better look for something else.
  6. Chevy claims more reliable then Honda and Toyota

    General Discussion
    I think I saw somewhere that they had to pull that ad.
  7. Should I Save for mods...

    Aftermarket Crowd
    The best mod I made for any of my cars has been attending the Skip Barber race driving school. I'm sure there are some other schools that work as well.
  8. What did you do to the 'Z today?

    General Discussion
    We went to the last Cars & Coffee for the year at that location. Nice day, but small turnout. As usual...several Hondas there, but no other Z's.
  9. demographics poll - did the crz hit the target market?

    Honda CR-Z Owners Forum
    I had to get rid of my Miata a few years ago (after 26 years of ownership) and traded my RSX for the CR-Z two years ago. If I was able to go to the Dragon meet (I've driven it in the Miata, and can't travel now because of my wifes health), I'd surely be the elder statesman in the group at 83...
  10. How To Get The Best Purchase Price On A New Honda

    General Discussion
    In MO, you pay the sales tax when you get your license from the DMV. Sales tax is collected on the difference you paid between new car and trade. If you sell a car outright within 6 months, and have paid tax on the full price of your new car, you can petition the state and get the sales tax...
  11. What did you do to the 'Z today?

    General Discussion
    Took the Z in for the annual 'touch-up'...or whatever it is he did. Took about 30 minutes...he said all it great...bring it back next year. No charge. I'm still impressed by the coating.
  12. What did you do to the 'Z today?

    General Discussion
    Took my Z to a Cars & Coffee this morning, and...lo and behold...there was ANOTHER one there. A white one with a center exhaust. I kept looking to see if anyone around it might be the driver, but never met up with him Finally saw his backside as he was getting in it to leave. First time I've...
  13. North Dragon Pre-Meet 2018

    Mid West
    Looks like only ONE Z made it to Killboy's front page :(
  14. What did you do to the 'Z today?

    General Discussion
    Took it to Cars & Coffee. Roughly 400 cars...ONE CR-Z!
  15. Tee shirt?

    General Discussion
    I like it, but if I spent $40 for a tee shirt, wouldn't be pretty.