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  • Tronc_CrZee ·
    Good Afternoon, I was on looking at some XXR 527 wheels and I had a few questions. First, would 17X8.25 +25 offset fit with minimal fender work? Would the black XXR 527 wheels be able to be powdercoated? Any discount for the holidays? :thumbsup:
    mike52474 ·
    gressive stance etc. This car IS NOT an everyday driver so comfort is not so much of an issue. Please see my build to give suggestions maybe??? The kicker.... I dont want to exceed $1600. What do you think?? Im all ears..... Help me decide please! Thanks so much, mike
    mike52474 ·
    Hey sonic, i need your help. I chose you because i see how respected and helpful you have became rather quickly in this community etc etc.... Anyway, i am gonna be in the market for a wheel/ tire package soon and i have looked at just about everything and i cant decide! I am wanting the look of the advan.1 type wheel but dont have a gazillion dollars to sprnd on wheels! I want a concave look on the back. I want them to be gunmeta or black. I want a squared sidewall. I have 20mm spacers on the back now to bring the wheel further out toward the fender. I want to continue the wider stance without sticking outside of the fender. So far what has kind of caught my eye is maybe a 17x9.5 mb battle or vordoven forme 9 etc with maybe a 205/40/17 or 215/40/17 etc but i just cant make up my mind zach! The car is lowered about 1.5-2.0 inches now and i want to keep the low.....
    DaKatzPajamas ·
    Hello I was wondering how much is the sprintex super charger with the crz forum discount (I read that there was one)? And also possibly the Jackson Racing supercharger as well? Thank you
    SimonC ·
    Hi Sonic. You replied to my post about some upgrades to my CRZ in New Zealand. Could you quote me a price please for the K&N Typhoon intake, Spoon N1 cat back exhaust, and lowering springs (I may hold off a bit on those...), with shipping to NZ; 1/1 Bundoran Way, Pinehill 0632, Auckland, New Zealand. What do you think about the T1R test pipe if I was to leave the mid standard? Any point? :) Cheers, Simon
    Aceryl ·
    Hey man.
    Which kits are you selling exactly?Could i get a curve image?

    Is it the sprintex s5-150?

    Are there any left?what of price and international shipment

    talhasadiq700 ·
    Hello sir,
    I would like to ask you how much will it cost in USA?the sprintex supercharger for crz cvt 2010?btw mine is a jdm model. I want the one which piggyback is tuned for cvt transmission. I want it with in USA only so how much will it charge sir?
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