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  1. COTM: July 2013 Nominees

    Honda CR-Z Of The Month Contest
    Can i still join? lol
  2. Ca wtb: Oem rear crz bumper (2011/12)

    Classifieds Forum
    i have a extra rear oem bumper? ready to be painted? all primed up pm me
  3. IMA light came on when i went for a long drive :(

    General Discussion
    Yup i checked the fuses first and reseted the battery....but it still goes back on and still same issue....i guess im stuck here in Chicago till i get it first dont want to drive back to canada till something happens....get stuck out there
  4. 2013 Mugen Kit?

    Aftermarket Crowd
    Anyone knows where i can get the new mugen kit for the 2013? when i trade mine in? or does the old one fit? I know the rear bumper is the same but the front is different...anyone tried swapping the bumpers yet?
  5. IMA light came on when i went for a long drive :(

    General Discussion
    Alright i will but i have to drive it back to Honda at my place cuz they cant help me here in the states or they would charge me full price lol
  6. IMA light came on when i went for a long drive :(

    General Discussion
    Anyone has idea whts wrong with my Z? i just drove by down the states and IMA is on? lol but i restart my engine and it disappear....but when i start my car again it come back lol...i havd no assist no auto shut off and something is up with the brakes....i have to press it really hard to...
  7. WTB: Honda Oem Crz car cover

    Classifieds Forum
    Anyone has one? thts willing to sell me one? text me at 2042303003
  8. Buddy Club N+ Spec Coilovers

    Aftermarket Crowd
    Anyone know how to adjust the damper in these buddy club coilovers? clockwise or counter clockwise for softer ride?
  9. FS: Lots of Parts

    Classifieds Forum
    Is the OEM car cover still available?
  10. WTB: Mugen Peices

    Classifieds Forum
    Im looking for some Mugen goodies: Mugen Rear Lip Mugen Carbon Fiber Spherical Shift Knob - 6MT MUgen Carbon Room Mirror Cover
  11. WTB: Clazzio Seat Covers

    Classifieds Forum
    Anyone has some clazzio for sale? looking for a black leather and blue stitching on it
  12. Good Headers?

    Aftermarket Crowd
    Anyone know a decent header to buy? and able to fit my hks cat back pipe? and good price too?
  13. FS: Emblems, Skunk2 SS, Key Fob Covers, Side Diffsuers

    Classifieds Forum
    Side diffusor still available?
  14. WTB: Authentic Rear Mugen Diffusor

    Classifieds Forum
    Im still looking for one....till now lol
  15. Mugen Grill Eye Ball LED Bulbs Question?

    Aftermarket Crowd
    Alright thx guys for the help dont :thumbup: appreciate it!!