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  • TinTin ·
    yeah my offset is just +45. I was rubbing on that little portion on the inner fender liner. Its almost like a box that randomly sticks out. Im also thinking of lowering on coils this summer as well I just want to make sure that everything works out.

    At full lock going into my parking lot i have to take it at a HUGE angle just to make sure i dont bottom out the car or scrape the front bumper. When at the angle the suspension geometry was so extreme that was the only time it rubbed. Or while turning in a parking lot. and going over a bumpy turn.
    TinTin ·
    Hey! i saw your post saying you were running a 235. Im selling my 235's just because i was rubbing a bit on the fronts (posted in fitment thread as requested!) it seems you have some idea of fitment.

    what are your thoughts on a 225 on the 17x8's i have. or 215's?
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