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  • rayray ·
    i just plug this into the USB cable/dongle located in the small compartment above the 12V socket. you'll see a gray female USB cable end tucked away in the far left of the compartment.

    just hit the "AUX" button on the radio and it will start reading off the card automatically. (the CRZ actually recognized both the front 3.5mm audio jack and USB jack separately which is really cool)

    of course this means music will automatically stop and resume with your calls over blue tooth, and you can navigate through your albums/songs through the steering wheel controls and the radio buttons.
    rayray ·
    Hey there, it's simple really. If you have a simple USB drive (aka thumb/flash drive) or go to your local electronics store and pick up an SD card with USB reader, that's all you need to okay your music in your '13 CRZ.

    if you're familiar with ripping music then all you have to do is create (or copy) folders from your computer onto some sort of USB flash media.

    i used a 4GB miniSD card using a USB adapter like this
    zingaro ·
    Hello: got a minute to explain how you done the music setup. I too have a 13 z mt. Im kinda old school (old too) so i dont have i pods and the like. I was hoping for sat radio but i guess its old school too. I was hoping i could rip and download some music to a flash drive and connect it into the car??
    Its been a while since ive had a MT ( 96 honda HX) great performer, but that was back when gas was, well just gas. thx for your time
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