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  • Bulio ·
    Hi there OneFitZ, I recently swapped my base model steering wheel with one from an EX. Apparently it was from a CRZ w/ CVT since it has the shifter paddles and my Z is a 6 speed. Anyhow, after installing it, none of the buttons on the wheel are work and I may have/probably missed something or didn't plug in the harness all the way but before I go and remove the wheel again, I had some questions to ask you if you don't mind answering. Are the EX CVT steering wheels a simple plug-n-play swap, or do I need to modify any of the wiring for the controls to work? Also, which wires are connected to the paddle shifters so I could repurpose them to control something else?
    Btw, great job on your custom wrap! How's the feel/grip on the hands, is it grippy or slippery?
    Bulio ·
    Hey buddy, I am still interested in that BLF exhaust. My zip is 92563. Please get back to me asap. Thanks again buddy

    _CrZ ·
    What straight pipe did you run in your crz? I saw it on a post you had a video of its sound and I was wondering what it was!
    zkillaah ·
    dude i am so sick of this i look like an idiot every time i try to post a simple picture! I honestly do not know what i am doing wrong. some times it works sometimes it doesn't and you and i have gone through this more times than necessary. I click on the add image tab and copy the URL of my photobucket page with the pic on it then i save it and it comes out blank! I apologize for being remedial if i am lol
    spiderpig ·
    I just read a thread that mentioned that you were about to do a rear wiper delete. I just purchased a used 2011 CRZ that had the rear wiper arm and complete motor assembly removed. Are you interested in selling the assembly? My e-mail addy is [email protected] if you are interested in selling?
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