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  • RickFoose ·
    hey when I first got my CRZ and joined the forum my user name was just RFoose and I forgot the password to that account. Any way you could please remove it? Thanks so much
    Leitz ·
    Hey ITEM9, as Slender01 asked, I would also like to know where you got the JDM reverse camera. It seems Google doesn't like the numbers...
    kaytwozero ·
    item9 do I need to follow ur protocol for ordering jap parts to get the hks clutch or is there anywhere I can get it from more easily that you are aware of?
    QuickStudy ·
    Hey Chap,

    Ive have been chasing random misfire detection with my crz since having the turbo motor built with an HKS LA clutch and flywheel running the honda ecu retuned with Hondata flashpro. ECU would go into limp home.. after failing to find a ghost misfire.. really really annoying.

    Was really happy to read your post about similar findings.

    Have you had a re occurance of misfire events since turning off the detection with the option in the flashpro software??


    Slender01 ·
    Hi ITEM9

    You've written a great article when you installed a rearview camera with navigation. I would also install a camera in my CR-Z, but to find a suitable camera is not so easy! I have seen your photos, associated with these numbers:

    JDM Accessory Part Numbers
    08A21-6H0-360 - JDM Camera
    08B77-SZT-A00 - JDM CR-Z Camera Mounting Kit and Wiring Harness

    Can you tell me where I can order this item? Should I go to my Honda dealer, because I have not found a suitable website.

    I hope you find time to answer my question, thank you in advance

    Best regards from Switzerland
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