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  • SolidDuck ·
    Certainly have thought about wrapping the Door Trim to match. not only due to the Fingerprints, but the 2016 has 4 shades of black on it now! Factory Paint color is now Simple Black instead of the CPB, the door surrounds are that odd flat black, Rain visors are a different shade and oddly enough the Mustache that the 2016 gets to differentiate it is this odd blue green black.

    do you recall what shade you got to match the CPB most closely?
    NYHondaCR-J ·
    Hi HondaHolly,

    This is Josh. I met you at RIT's Spring Car Show this year. Glad to see some fellow Rochesterians on here!

    You may recall that I am looking to sell my stock CR-Z. Do you know anyone that may be interested in buying it? Let me know.


    Artist ·
    Hi HondaHolly,

    I'm planning on trading in my 2008 Honda Civic LX automatic (107K miles valued at $4,000) for a 2011 Honda CR-Z EX 6 Speed Manual (88K miles priced at 10,536). Is this a good deal ? Please help me decide.
    Thank you.

    GR-CRZ ·
    Hello HondaHolly
    This is GR-CRZ

    I saw your car, and I have to say it's sweet.
    I recently bought a 2015 Honda CR-Z base CVT in the premier white pearl with the black mesh seats.
    I'm looking forward to customizing my CR-Z after I purchase a few necessities, like a clear bra.
    One aspect of your customization that I like are the red accents on the grill. Awesome.
    How did you do it? I'd love to add some black accents to the front of mine.
    Thanks in advance.
    larrytiphone ·
    Hi HondaHolly,

    Yea winter can take a toll on the MPG. I switched to snow tires (needed in New England) and saw an immediate drop of 2-3 MPG. Not as bad when it warms up, but I just can't seem to keep that Canadian air out.
    CRZdono13 ·
    I got the decal from ASAA Racing here in Houston, it cost me $100 (May be a little high, not sure though...) lol

    Also, the decal insert for steering wheel is carbon fiber and same with ones on front and back Honda emblems! I think we must have got them from same seller on ebay
    alollini ·
    Thank you for your message !

    Yes she had her pink CRZ !!

    it was for Christmas 2012.
    we took a luxury Black CR-Z, and we did a pink wrap, and a pink suede interior

    you can see photos here : [06][WattPink][Toutemimi] /(^_^)\ la Princesse Rose /(^_^)\ - Page 10

    and she is crazy happy about her car she named it "Wattpink"

    emotionr ·
    Hola, Dig your Z, very nice~ I have a 2013 white, and am a prime color of white/red/black~ :D BTW... I have the window trim issue, and waiting for the dealer to replace and re-tint. Also, I am notice you have a rear spoiler? Any close up or pics of it installed?
    warlordofcars ·
    I also bought a black 2011 from a local dealer. Drove a lot on the highway and averaged 52.5 mpg. What a difference it makes when you drive slower.
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