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  • Emmanuel ·

    I am on my new project that period and I want to upgrade my CRZ.
    The first thing that comes in mind is to upgrade things like suspension, intake and exhaust system and wheels/tires.

    Of course the thought of a turbocharger is a good option, since it looks like a great challenge to do it by yourself. However, I was wondering what is the really gain of a turbocharger comparing the cost, the extra weight and the risk of having troubles in the future. Definetily, this is something that concern daily drivers who use their car for going to work, highway driving and some sport driving after all. Thus, my thought is to first upgrade what I can without adding a supercarger and after that I will concider about installing the T/G.

    Something else that I think can come easy on upgrading procedure is the Fuel injection.

    Finally, I would like to ask and hear your opinion in my above thoughts.

    Thanks in advance for your time.
    Drive Safe!
    Emmanuel ·
    Hi everyone, i am one more guy with CR-Z! I am from Greece and thinking about buy some Mugen staffs seams nice dream!!! So, bricking thinks from Japan maybe is a good idea!
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