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  • SiRZ ·
    hey Tony,

    You still have a hook up for parts and install?
    Need to get a Tein Coilover for street and lowered installed on 2012 Civic Si if you or know anyone that will do it with Parts and Labor or Labor only. Give me a TOTAL $ and location of install and when where etc. :wavey:

    Much appreciated.
    FromHonda2Honda ·
    Hey, I'm on the hunt for either a Route KS Aero Kit or an Esprit one. Please let me know if you have either for sale. Thank you so much!
    ccn88 ·
    hi tony i was wondering if you can supply a TAKEDA intake for my CR-Z CVT model, i wonder if it will be the takeda stage 2 and would possible be in polish chrome colour, pricing and post to AUSTRALIA would be great. Cheers
    angelofdeus ·
    Hey I was curious if you are still selling the takeda intake and if you do shipping to Hawaii. Please PM me the response and also if you could find out a total price it would be greatly appreciated
    code85 ·
    When am I going to expect the refund? its been almost 2 weeks now.

    I'll give you couple more days before I go through my credit card company.
    Velociraptor ·
    Hey, I noticed on your part-out thread you said you were selling your red hazard button. Did you sell it already or is it still available, cos if so I'd be interested. :)
    James ·
    so you have the time to respond to threads but ignore my pm? tony this is the last shot before this all goes public.
    felix2026 ·

    Okay, I'll take this. Double confim, this one is for CVT version and came with Pro Dry filter ? Please quote me on the Pro Dry Restore cleaner as well. Do you accept pay pal ? Thanks.
    felix2026 ·
    Hi Tony, could you quote me the price for Takeda CVT version with pro Dry filter.
    Question, this filter required specialize cleaning agent ? If yes, please quote me as well.
    I'm from Malaysia. Thank you. Felix.
    wanyoi ·
    hi there..u do shipping to malaysia right?i'm interested with this item.

    can i have the price from you including shipping to malaysia?thank you :D
    wanyoi ·
    hi.i want to ask u..can i get this item from you?HKS kansai parts.quote me the price including shipping to malaysia.thanx in advance

    code:KAH001,name:Carbon front bumper protector 
    ahpaul ·
    hey bro..i want to ask whether u still have jdp rear spoiler for crz for sale ? If yes how much is it together with shipment to Brunei ?
    Monkey ·
    Hey i know i'm bein a pain now,but still haven't heard from you about the hood dampers,UPS lost it,have they replaced it and send them,or whats going on??
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