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  • ArtJDM ·
    They're AVS our Auto Vent Shade. They're not very good. I think Heko ones look better. I'll probably switch to those in the near future.
    ElScrch0 ·
    Hey man, I tried looking through your build thread to figure out what window deflectors you had on your 'Z, but no luck finding that info! I know it's a small part, but I'm definitely interested in adding them to my car--any info would be great!

    ArtJDM ·
    I'm on Tein Street Basis which lowers the car 2" in front and 2.5" in back, so it rubs at full lock, but it's fine most of the time. The front is pretty flush and you could probably run a 5mm-10mm spacer in the back to bring them flush. You can check out my setup in my build thread.
    gatsbey1 ·
    On your spoon CR93 wheels, will the stock TPMS sensors fit or did you have to buy new ones? Also, what size are your wheels and tires?
    Greenman ·
    Thanks the link to posting pics - I don't know why I can never find what I want with the search. What search string did you use?
    zuckerpopschal ·

    I have a question about your CR-Z.
    Are you a link where you ordered the Red emblems?
    Respectively. fit this on the CR-Z in 2012.

    Sorry if my English is bad, I translated everything :)

    Thank you
    likwid ·
    I could have sworn I left a message...let's try this again. lol How happy are you with the Buddyclub Shortshifter? Or is it the one you sold to Varmint down there?
    Varmint ·
    Thanks for the quick turn-around on the short shifter. It arrived yesterday. I was planning to install it tonight, but I suspect family obligations with take precedence.
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