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  • JohnnyG ·
    Hello. I registered an account earlier this week and I posted a reply to a thread but it said the post has to be approved by a moderator before it will show up. It still hasn't posted. Help! thank you
    Jamez100189 ·

    I posted up a new thread about making some drop links for the CR-Z in the technical, handling, braking and suspension discussion a couple of days ago and it shows that someone has replied to the post, however when you click on the link it does not appear to open. I don't know if I have done something wrong and it has been removed, but I promise you it was not done intentionally as I haven't used forums a lot.

    If you can let me know what to do, if that is indeed the case, then I will do so immediately. If not and the link is just dead, could you look into it please.

    If you look at the forums overview page its the latest post in the Handling, Suspension and Braking section with the title - FIBA Motorsport UK - Adjustable Drop Links,

    Many thanks,

    James. :)
    CRaaaaaaZy ·
    admin i got to your site by looking for CRZ ultra racing bars. i ran into this guy:
    his name is Alif Ashraf Ahmad he was gonna sell the kit for me for 800 then 700 then he didn't have pictures he said that's not the picture but then stopped replying so i offered him 400 for all of it without pictures he accepted and said he would send a Paypal invoice but then started asking me for my address and vin and such. he has no bars to sell. he is totally a scammer. please please remove this listing as you can see others have had similar output from him. its very hard to get all excited and then realize you are dealing with a scammer. i assure you this guy is not a real seller i offered the world to buy those damn bars. contact me for more details or the email trail. thank you.
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