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Honda CR-Z: News

Honda CR-Z News, Rumours, and Updates

The latest Honda CR-Z news, rumours and updates from around the media will be posted here. All new threads and posts will be moderated before approved. New threads will be moderated to meet proper format.
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Acura & Honda News, Rumors, and Updates

The latest Honda and Acura news, rumours and updates from around the media will posted here. All new threads will be moderated before approved.
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Honda CR-Z: Main

Honda CR-Z Wiki

Honda CR-Z Wiki Articles are posted here.
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New Member Introduction

New to ? Come in here, introduce yourself and get to know your CR-Z community!
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Honda CR-Z Of The Month Contest

Post up pictures of your Honda CR-Z and you could win the "Honda CR-Z of the Month" contest! Winners will be featured on our homepage. Check the COTM Archive for all previous winners! Now Featuring the CR-Z Of The Year Forum!
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Honda CR-Z: General

Honda CR-Z Owners Forum

Already have a Honda CR-Z? Come in here and discuss with other CR-Z owners.
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General Discussion

General Discussion about the Honda CR-Z. If you can't find a specific forum to post your topic, please post it in here.
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Factory Specifications

Discuss and post Honda's factory specifications for the Honda CR-Z.
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CR-Z Motor Sports

Honda CR-Z Motor Sports discussion and posts.
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Pictures & Videos

Featuring pictures and videos of the Honda CR-Z from around the media.
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Was That You?!

Spot a Honda CR-Z out on the road? Post the details here and see if it is one of our members! Owners check here often, you may have been spotted!
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Honda CR-Z: Technical

Aftermarket Crowd

Any aftermarket Honda CR-Z parts, upgrades and discussion can be posted here.
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CR-Z Build Threads

Post your Honda CR-Z Build Threads here!
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Detailing Discussion

Come in here and discuss products, techniques and secrets to keep your Honda CR-Z clean inside and out.
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Do-It-Yourself Articles

Post your Honda CR-Z Do It Yourself Articles here.
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Engine and Battery Discussion

Discussion about the Honda CR-Z engine, Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) and battery specifications and modifications.
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Exterior Modifications

Post your Honda CR-Z exterior modification threads here.
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Handling, Braking and Suspension Discussion

Anything relating to the Honda CR-Z handling, braking and suspension can be posted here.
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Honda CR-Z MPG

MPG or miles per gallon - discuss the factory specifications and your real world Honda CR-Z MPG results. Featuring a sub forum for Aftermarket MPG Discussion
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Interior and ICE Discussion

Anything related to the Honda CR-Z interior and In Car Entertainment including audio/video, navigation systems and upgrades.
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CR-Z ECU Tuning/Flashpro

ECU tuning
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Transmission Discussion

Anything relating to the Honda CR-Z CV-T or 6 speed manual transmission can be posted here.
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Wheels and Tires Discussion

Discussion of factory and aftermarket wheels and tires for your Honda CR-Z.
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Honda CR-Z: Miscellaneous

Hybrid Talk

Come in here to discuss other current and future hybrid cars.
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Motor Sports Forum

Discuss any and all type of Motor Sports in this Forum.
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Honda CR-Z: Classifieds

Classifieds Forum

Honda CR-Z Classifieds section. Got something to sell? Post it in here.
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Ebay Forum

An up to date RSS feed with Honda CR-Z vehicles, parts, and accessories on Ebay.
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Vendor Member Section Supporting Vendors Forum - Interested in becoming a Vendor? Please email [email protected]

Vendor Deals

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Diode Dynamics

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Honda CR-Z: Regionals
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Asia regional meets and events.
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Europe regional meets and events.
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Canada regional meets and events.
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Everywhere Else

Every other regions meets and events not listed above.
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  1. Honda CRZ Fog Light LED Bulb Replacements! USA Made SLF! Plug & Play Installation! Honda CRZ Fog Light LED Bulbs Diode Dynamics carries LED bulbs for replacement of your Honda CRZ's fog lights, in all major sizes. They are available in HP, XP, and SLF styles. This will make your fog...
  2. Engine and Battery Discussion
    Hi! The 6MT in my 2014 CR-Z needed to be overhauled (a bolt on part of the shifter assembly inside the gearbox broke, and the nut, lockwasher & spring fell into the spinning gears). After I got the car back, I noticed that regenerative braking wasn't working. The CHRG indicator very briefly...
  3. Engine and Battery Discussion
    I have a 2011 CRZ EX with Navigation. Lately, I’ve come across this when starting my car. This first time my keyfob didn’t work and I had to manually unlock it. Engine starts up just fine but I get this message. Also, when this happens the battery level reads low or not at all until I drive...
  4. So other car forums I've been on have had a thread where you can go and post up a brief description and a couple of pics of something you did to your car today. Since we don't have one on here(neither Google or I were able to find one) I decided to try and start one. Ran power and ground wires...
  5. Hey guys, just bought my 2011 crz and trying to fix the little things wrong with it and seeking advice as there may be some common issues/fixes that im not aware of since im new to the platform. First off the AC doesnt work, i assume it just needs recharged or a new compressor. But anything...
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