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The Sprintex Thread

I figure we could use a thread dedicated to the newly released Supercharger. If mods don't feel that way, then feel free to delete it.

At a great price. I feel like this will be a popular mod to many people.

The unit itself is very nice. Everything seems to be well made and of nice quality.

After opening up everything and going through the parts I noticed there were wires that need to be soldered into the stock wiring harness and after looking through the instructions it was indeed true. I was a little disappointed with this considering it was advertised as "Plug and Play".

The main reason I was concerned was because the guys over at fit freak had problems with the wiring on their Sprintex units and I didn't want to run into the same issues.

A week after Romiata (Who was very helpful giving me tips on the install) installed his unit, My buddy and I decided to install mine.

The install took about 7 hrs in total. There were some issues that we ran into, but some of those were definitely user error.

One of them was the O-ring used on the elbow that connects to the supercharger. Romiata was the one that experienced this first as he went to connect the elbow with the supplied O-ring it snapped on him. He went to Auto-Zone (I picked mine up at Advance) and ended up finding an O-ring that fit.

The part number on that is 35763. As soon as I started to connect the elbow with the supplied O-ring I could see it was going to snap so I just ended up using this one.

The big time consumers were the wiring and putting on the belt.

The wiring was time consuming only because we were being as careful as we possibly could. Otherwise it was very straight forward. The instructions were very helpful here.

The belt is in a very tight spot and needs to be quite tight so getting it onto the pulleys was a bit of a challenge. But with some maneuvering we were able to get it on.

Started her up and we were good to go. No issues at all.

The instructions were well written and the pictures were very helpful. I'm sure if I had to do the install again I could probably get it done in about 4-5 hrs, but you live and learn.

The only issues that I ran into here is the hood seems to make contact in one spot with the blower. I'm not sure when it makes contact because when I shut the hood it doesn't hit it when closing. I'm wondering if it happens when the car starts up.

Here is where it is hitting:

Both Romiata and I removed the heat shield that is on the underside of the hood. Because the blower obviously makes contact with it. However after removing this, Romiatas supercharger does not make contact with his hood. No clue as why mine hits and his does not.

I'm going to add a few washers so it no longer makes contact.

I've put probably ~500 miles on the car since the install. The car drives exactly like stock, well except the added power and supercharger whine .

You can start hearing the supercharger whine at about 2000 rpm.

Gas mileage has gone down a bit, but it could also be attributed to a heavier foot and the fact that the weather has been fluctuating between 20s-60s since I've installed it.

The car still needs a real tune as well. But the one they have on the piggyback works just fine for now.
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