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Originally Posted by Old School2 View Post
...Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated...
There's a mention about belt/pulley problems in a few of the posts in this thread:

Also, if it isn't in that particular thread--I just can't find it now, another owner had belt slipping over the pulley problems right after the installation. He actually worked at a Honda Dealership, I think, and they threw parts at it during two or three (or more) attempts to fix it. Turned out to be something was bent or defective along the belt path and "one of those new parts" solved the problem.

My initial thoughts about your alignment/squeaking problems is that something got bent of misaligned during installation. I had the same type of problem with the Dealer install of mine, and I told them about the situation noted above, so they actually got it fixed after two extra visits to the dealership after initial installation. Here's the post of my comments at the time:

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