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I have no denial of the phenomenon and technology's inevitable presentation of automated vehicles to us- take a Google gander at the extent of automation going on in seaports these days, or even the amount of robotics going on in an Amazon warehouse. I just dread the loss (well, further loss) of the skills required to drive a vehicle properly, such as the rev-matching going on automatically in many cars out there now, nevermind double-clutching. I don't care for this automatic lane watching stuff, nor automatic braking. I'm not even that keen on anti-lock brakes, so you can see where my attitude is on this stuff. The straight-cut, non-synchro'd first gear in my Sprite wasn't a challenge for me, including getting it into first while moving without clash nor grind.

But if they can do all the things they're doing already, I'd expect overcoming the hackers will be accomplished as well.

And I think we'll be seeing self-driving cars in fair numbers even before 2020. Dammit.
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