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just an update i picked up my big ol' box with the supercharger yesterday. the guys at the dealership said it was a historic purchase cuz they've never seen one. haha.
anyway short on time this weekend so i cant go through each box and open em up to find out what number sc i got. [and im afraid ill inevitably lose something vital if i just start opening all the boxes at random.]
so if anyone knows which box the emblems/placcards/number should be in, chime in, and i'll let you know what my lucky number is
**edit: i took a peek at @kaytwozero 's build thread and he had a picture of his ecu reflashed with the placcard, so im gonna assume HPD sends you it when you get it all reflashed?

also still waiting on some socal dealerships to get back to me for install. im banking on Diamond Honda because Jon Martin is the service manager, and as a few of you chimed in before saying he has a good track record. my research into the NSX community verified that. just havent heard back, but ill be calling them again later today.

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